Accepting new patients for mobile physical therapy appointments in South King County (no additional fees)!



Longevity health for the whole body.
We treat the specific areas of the body but through
the lens of how that part is connected to the body as a whole.

Think of your body like a puzzle with bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments that help you move. When something feels wrong, like pain, most treatments only focus on fixing one piece of the puzzle. But we do things differently at PMPT.

We see your body as a whole puzzle. We know that all the pieces need to work together for you to feel your best. Instead of just fixing the problem piece, we look at the whole puzzle. We start by watching how you move and feeling the areas that need attention. Then, we use gentle techniques and exercises to help everything work better – like hitting a restart button, arranging the pieces, and giving you a fresh start.


  • Session Start: Assessment guides session direction.

  • Reset Hands-On: “Reset” phase involves hands-on work on muscles, joints, and fascia.

  • Cupping Assistance: Cupping used to aid in system reset.

  • Relaxing Combination: Techniques merged with breathing for relaxation and calm.

  • Peaceful State: Clients enter a serene and calm state during these practices.


  • Progressive Challenge: As clients stay consistent and respond well, we introduce weights to their exercises, enhancing strength and adaptability.

  • Sport-Specific Moves: This phase involves tailored movements for their sport or activity, including exercises like jumping.

  • Beyond Pain Relief: Unlike those who stop therapy after pain fades, we recognize the need to prepare for future injuries.

  • Enhanced Resilience: Loading exercises are vital for boosting performance and preventing injuries.


  • Breathwork Foundation: Key session focus is on breathwork to align ribcage and pelvis.

  • Prioritizing Foundation: Ribcage, pelvis and foot organization precedes quick fixes like hip, shoulder, or knee flexibility.

  • Base for Mobility: Proper ribcage and pelvis alignment enhances effectiveness of exercises for hips, shoulders, knees, etc.

  • Stability and Grounding: How we organize impacts stability and connection to the ground.

  • Crucial Breathing: Breathing, done thousands of times daily, often ignored but critical for posture improvement.

  • Body and Life Impact: Optimizing breathing and posture brings positive changes to body and overall life.